As avid macrophotographers we use a considerable number of different products to produce our images. Some of these products are good and some are less than good. Here are some product reviews we have written based on our own personal use of these products. These are only our opinions and must not be confused with product evaluations written from carefully controlled tests. These reviews are "real world" reviews based on our experiences using these specific pieces of equipment. Other photographers may offer differing and valid opinions of the same equipment.
Kirk Enterprises Macro Flash Bracket This affordable macro flash bracket has some shortcomings that can be worked around with some patience.   Sunpak PZ40X Electronic Flash for Canon E-TTL compatible bodies. Not as good as Sunpak would like you to believe.
Tamron SP90AF 90mm f. 2.8 Macro Lens for Canon EOS cameras. A truly fine performing macro lens competitive with any major camera manufacturer's macro lenses.  
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