Michael Keniston...A Closer Eye View
Thomas Webster...On Closer Inspection...
Danny Young...Micro & Macro

John Fichtl...It is with great sadness that I must report that John Fichtl passed away on 10 September 2004. Godspeed, John.
Graham Matthews...Graham Matthews Home Pages
Jim and Donna Erhardt...Nature Photographers Network
Michael Bates...Michael's Natural Images
Lee Jones...ICSB
Piotr Rotkiewicz...PIRX
Prashant & Tejaswita Khapane...Painting with Light
Sue Alden...Sue Alden Nature Photography
Harvey Edelman...Nature Captured
Terri Norris...Mostly Macro...
Mark Plonsky...Fine Art Photography
Carol Clarke...Wild World Photography
Edwin Brosens...Photomacrography
Lida Verner...www.candlelightdreams.com
Sven Bernert...Welcome to Sven Bernert's Pictures
Sophie Thouvenin...Prismes
Selim Gumus...Digital Nature Photography
Denis Greenough...Denis Greenough pbase Gallery
Ken Ramos...NatureScope NWC
Nicolas Brusselaers...Photographie naturaliste
"ventadour"...Carnet de route
Stephen Cresswell...Nature Photography
Tam Stuart...Nature Photography
Andy Williams...Moon River Photography
Paul Wiles...Web Photo Gallery
Andy Sorenson...AlaskaSketchbook.com
Simon Iremonger...My Macro Photography Blog
Jefferson Wilson...Photo Gallery
Tan Chuan-Yean...tchuanye's home
"nitsch"...Deviant Art
Tom Burger...My Macro Photos
Daniel Russell...Russell Photography
Rik Littlefield...Rik & Janis Littlefield
Dr. Klaus D. Schmitt...The Macro Lens Collection Database
Pat Little...Naturescapes
Ken Nelson...Best of My Macro
Rey Aguila...Rey's Gallery
Jeroen Stel...Nature & Wildlife Photography
Jamie Fullerton...Digital Macrophotography
"lx200"...dogluver's Home
Erland Nielsen...Odonata: Danish Dragonflies
Anthony D'Agostino...Photo
"Wizard"...Warren's Photos
Craig Rotermund...Craig Rotermund's Home

Canon FD Resources-Macrophoto Lenses...Invaluable information about Canon's 20mm f. 3.5 and 35mm f. 2.8 macro lenses used for magnifications to 20x.

Fine Art Photography...Mark Plonsky is one of the best of the best. We are fortunate to have Mark as a member.

Paul Hafner...Paul Hafner is a mathematics professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Paul has some terrific sequences of the Monarch life cycle.

Prismes...Sophie Thouvenin produces some of the most beautiful abstract, selective-focus photomacrographs to be found. We are fortunate to Sophie as a member, too.

Bees, Flies, and Wasps...A pbase gallery of nice insect images by Lewis Scharpf


BugGuide.Net...Troy Bartlett and others have put together the best insect and spider identification resource for Canada and the USA. Please join Troy's web site and help contribute to this amazing resource.

Spiders...An Australian website with information and photographs of spiders from around the world.

CalPhotos: Browse Insect Photos...A large database of representative images of insects from the University of California, Berkeley.

Giff Beaton's Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of Georgia and the Southeast...Identification-oriented photos for Georgia's odonates by family.

Lynn Scott's Lepidoptera Pages...A photo-illustrated guide to many families of moths.

Stephen Cresswell Photography, Stock Photo List...This may be a handy link to helping you identify many insects.

Bug Club Bug ID...This is a UK based entomology club providing an online key to the orders of insects. Great place to learn about dichotomous keys and how to use them.

Collegio Nueva Granada, Dichotomous Key to Insect Orders...This site has a downloadable key to the orders of insects in Microsoft Word document format.

The Diptera Site...Information about the world's flies. Great site!

The Environmental Interpretive Center...This site has some ID resources to families of a few orders.

Introduction to the Identification of Insects and Related Arthropods...Authored by the University of Florida, this site offers a glossary of ID terms as well as information on Florida insects.

Ants of Arizona...Dale Ward has put together a valuable ant ID resource that should be useable for IDing many ant species in the desert southwest of the USA.

Garden Safari...This is a Dutch web site featuring many species of insects found in Europe.

Scirus, for scientific information only...Scirus will help you separatet the "wheat from the chaff". This is a search engine dedicated to scientific topics. Type in your search item and Scirus will pull only scientific web sites dealing with your subject. Cool!

Welcome to the Universe In Color...Robert Gendler. No, this isn't photomacrography but the largest structures in the universe have as great an "awe factor" as the smallest structures.

The Macrolens Collection Database...For those of you who are into photomacrography, true macro lenses look and act nothing like the lenses marketed for photomacrography today. This website is a fabulous resource for those of you who would be interested in true macro lenses.

P:H:O:T:O:R:A:P:H:Y...THE RESOURCE PAGE...A nice collection of articles tackling many basic photography concepts.

Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes...Besides being a repository for Canadian type specimens, this web site has links to entomological societies worldwide.

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