Michael Keniston...I was born and raised in downtown New York City. In 1980 I earned an associate’s degree in electromechanical engineering technology from New York Technical College. However, due to my diverse interests, I accumulated double the credits necessary to graduate. Unable to successfully find technically oriented employment, I accepted a position on Wall Street and then worked 10 years in international securities clearing with various brokerage firms and banks.

In 1990 I moved to the Tampa Bay area and took a position with an employment screening company. Two years later, I started my own business in that industry with a couple of partners. After applying much time and effort, we thankfully found success. My hobbies and interest include carpentry, painting, sculpture, scuba diving, camping & hiking, gardening, puzzles & games, various sports, theater and traveling. Photography is my latest endeavor and I’ve been seriously involved with it since 2002. I’m happiest when I’m being creative and always have numerous projects in various stages of completion.”

(You can view more of Michael's fine work at Michael's website, A Closer Eye View.)

Danny Young (nzmacro)..I'm from New Zealand, Wellington to be exact. I started my interest in macro and micro at around 8 years old where my brother, Neville, was a huge influence on what I saw. Started shooting Canon slr's for macro at around 15, have not stopped since. Curiosity in the things our eyes can't see or capture is the driving force. Used both Canon and Nikon 35mm slr macro systems and 5 years ago I ventured into digital. Now I use 35mm slr lenses added to a Sony CD-1000 and the new Panasonic FZ10, which I'm really enjoying.

I'm a cabinet maker specializing in marquetry and CNC programming for routers and lasers for the woodworking industry. Tom, Michael and I met at NPN (naturephotogaphers.net), a wonderfully run site by Jim and Donna for all aspects of nature. We are proud to be members of NPN. Please enjoy the forum and galleries. Macro and micro info is what its all about. Danny.

(You can view more of Danny's incredible images at his website, Micro & Macro. You can also view examples of his outstanding marquetry at Timber Arts.)


Thomas "Tom" Webster...I hail from Phoenix ("The Valley of the Sun"), Arizona, USA. I began my photographic journey at the age of 13 having printed my first B&W photographic print as an 8th grader in elementary school. Although I have mostly practiced nature photography, I have variously been employed as a freelance photographer, aerial photographer, forensic and scientific photographer, and I have worked in various professional photo-finishing labs as a custom darkroom and film processing technician.

Recently I have turned my attention exclusively to photomicrography. Having last worked as a forensic photographer over 15 years ago, I am revisiting a passion I have always held for photomicrography. With my personal website, "On Closer Inspection...", I am exploring economical equipment alternatives and easily implemented methods to produce professional looking photomicrographs and I hope to share my experiences and knowledge gained with you, my visitors.

As you can see, we are a diverse lot spread across the globe. Amongst the three of us we have several years of bulletin board management and moderation experience. Our aim is to make visiting and utilizing our bulletin board and website a pleasurable experience, one that you will look forward to revisiting time and again.

As Danny has mentioned, we all met on the Nature Photographers Network, where we share our interest in photomacrography and photomicrography. Nature Photographers Network is the premier website on the Internet if you are interested in all types of nature photography. We highly recommend that you visit Nature Photographers Network and sign up for a membership.

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