Aquatic moss in a stereoscope!

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Aquatic moss in a stereoscope!

Post by NickM »

I'm completely new to this and am insanely thrilled at what lives there. Under a stereoscope at 30x, some of these creatures are downright monsterous. A soupy sample left to warm for a few hours is a shocking orgy of wriggling, emerging larvae, intense traffic congestion and anything goes gluttony! Tiny winged insects have fledged right from the sample dish into my living room :shock:.

Is it possible to get quality images of fast moving minute crustaceans? I have a Coolpix 5000 mounted to a Leica/Nikon combo. Video is a breeze and even the low res results are quite nice. Getting reasonable still images of very small, fast moving invertebrates seems impossible!

A few tips are needed would really be appreciated.

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Post by nzmacro »

Welcome Nick :D . I would suggest you look around right where you are in this forum for using flash. Some of these guys are experts at it under a scope. Some have written up some great info and backed it up with shots of the setup and the results. So feel free to just take a good look around.

All the best Rick and again, welcome :D


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Post by Ken Ramos »

Hi Nick! :o
Welcome to the group! I do quite a bit of photography through the stereomicroscope, however none of it is done with a flash. I must admit that my images would be much better with a flash but they are more than sufficent for my use. :)

I am not familiar with the Coolpix 5000 or flash photography through the scope but I would guess that your camera would have to have "through the lens" metering in order to use a flash. I have photographed some fast moving subjects but with poor to fair results using only the built in halogen illuminator or a fiber optic pipe illuminator. Most of the time I just wait for a moment of opportunity, when the subject is still. :wink:

Again Nick (thats my brothers name!) welcome to the group and I am sure that you will find an answer to your question(s) among the information already posted or from the members themselves. :D
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