Rumen ciliates : Isotricha spp.

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Rumen ciliates : Isotricha spp.

Post by Gerd »


Rumen ciliates : Isotricha spp. The upper pic is focused on the middle of the ciliate.
You can see the vestibulum and the cytostome. Macronucleus and micronucleus are beneath
the cytostome. There also are vacuoles and characteristic starch grains.


The lower pic is focused on the ciliate surface. The cilia form an hairy
There are thousands of ciliates in one small drop. I had to made very thin
samples to take shots with only one single ciliate to see...
About 2% of the weight of rumen content are ciliates, if you have 100 kg of rumen content,
there are 2 kg of ciliates !!
Objective 40x, DIC, flash.

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Post by rjlittlefield »


Fantastic photos -- thanks for sharing :!:

Can you recommend a good reference on the biology of these beasts? Web search quickly turned up "Rumen Holotrich Ciliate Protozoa", Alan G. Williams, Microbiological Reviews, Mar. 1986, p. 25-49. It looks good, but it's 20 years old now and I'm wondering if there's something better.


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Post by Ken Ramos »

These are some fantastic shots Gerd, glad you posted them. Some interesting facts that you have presented with your images. The ciliate really looks good on the front cover. Congratulations Gerd! :D
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Post by gpmatthews »

Congrats - looks really good

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Post by Sortvind »

Once again..Very fasinated!
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