Techniques and Technical Discussions Guidelines

A forum to ask questions, post setups, and generally discuss anything having to do with photomacrography and photomicroscopy.

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Techniques and Technical Discussions Guidelines

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We want all of our viewers and members to have a pleasant experience and find safe haven from many of the other more aggressive photography forums that exist on the Internet. As in any other community, rules and guidelines have been established to keep order and peace in our online community. Please read and adhere to the following guidelines:

The Techniques and Technical Discussions forums are for the noncommercial use of our members to openly discuss topics of mutual interest. Advertisements and/or promotions for products or services are strictly forbidden. Ask questions, post setups, and generally discuss anything having to do with photomacrography and photomicrography. Images may be placed in the posts and replies. The member who originates the new topic may initially post two images in the new topic. Those who reply to the topic may post one image per reply. Please limit images to RGB .jpg, 640 pixels on the longest dimension, and with a file size not greater than 150 KB.

Postings, responses, and discussions are to remain respectful at all times, no exceptions. Postings, responses, and discussions must remain "on topic" in the individual topic forums and must not degenerate into name-calling or vulgarity. Name-calling and vulgarity of any kind will not be tolerated in the Discussion Forums! The Techniques and Technical Discussion forums are not to be used to promote any form of political platform or religious doctrine. We are here to share our interest in, and love for, photomacrography and photomicrography. There are numerous political and religious bulletin boards on the Internet that would gladly accommodate your opinions. Above all, let us create and promote a friendly and professional atmosphere.

The administration of reserves the exclusive rights to edit, remove, lock, or delete any post, response, or discussion that may be viewed as offensive, vulgar, combative, or "off topic". An email regarding the issue will be sent to the person(s) responsible detailing the offense(s). Repeated bad behavior in the Discussion Forums will result in the expulsion of the person(s) responsible.

Thank you all for your cooperation,
Tom Webster

Phoenix "The Valley of the Sun", Arizona, USA

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