twebsters monopod technique

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twebsters monopod technique

Post by icucphoto »

I was reading the article Camera Supports for Photomacrography at On Closer Inspection. Good article.

That technique on using the mono pod at an angle like that looks like a very useful idea. So I went to look that the mono pod that was recommended on the page, a slik 350 that extends to 63". Then I think wait, that 63" is barley over 5ft.

After some trig calculations using 63" (+8" for camera and head) as the monopod length and taking a guess of 54 degrees as the monopod angle, I calculate the guy standing there to be 4'10" tall. (71" * Sin(54))

Being 5'11" I would need a mono pod at 80" to use that technique. I couldn't find any near that long so maybe that guy really is 4'10" and only short people can do it.

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Greetings icucphoto, :D

Thanks for your interest in the supports article. The monopod pictured, in use, is an older Benbo, 2-section monopod that I used for landscape photography. Yes, it did extend rather tall, some 78". I no longer use that monopod for landscapes preferring, now, to use a tripod for landscape photography.

The Slik tripod is, indeed, much shorter. However, I rarely photograph macro subjects much higher than my waist, rarely as high as my chest. The Slik monopod is plenty long enough, in these circumstances, to angle forward and lean into it for stability.

Best regards, :D
Tom Webster

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