How will this underwater city fare?

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How will this underwater city fare?

Post by NickM »

Roughly a teaspoon of fresh aquatic moss in a few tablespoons of steam water. It sat for a few hours in a dish, and in warming up, came to life a bit. After an hour or so looking at an interesting variety of critters, I decided not to toss the little ecosystem. A blank cd fit perfectly over the dish. I taped the hole in the center shut and gave the microquarium a tight lid.

This way it wouldn't dry out. I then went to bed, knowing I would not reopen it until after work the next day. 24 hours later I cautiously took the lid off, expecting a bad smell and an ecosystem in decay. But this was not what happened. First, it was quite odorless and looked - from a distance - otherwise the same. On looking in through the stereosocope at 30x, the water was much more clear and the population had just exploded.

There were small mite-looking creatures everywhere, each with an attractive single red eye. Large tic like arachnids with enormous blown-glass abdomens were all dragging themselves over the water surface. Gads of new critters in every size and shape flitted about. Some round or oval, streamlined and hydroid. Fat-middled inchworm looking creatures appeared to be walking along invisible glass surfaces that magically appeared in whatever direction they chose to crawl. Large oval, fast moving hard-shelled creatures with attractive patterns zipped in and out of view in an instant, occasionally stopping just long enough to show off the working of some inner motor.


Well this really is turning out to be fun! Thanks Aaron for helping me put this whole thing together. I can't wait for the flash and off shoe cord to arrive.

Anyway, my question. If I can ask anyone experienced with this, what should I expect with this little ecosytem? How long will it flourish before it begins to look more slum than thriving metropolis?


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Post by rene »

Forever and ever Nick, with the right conditions. Well that's easier said then done. A bit of light to keep the moss going, perhaps not too tight a covering, adding rain or distilled water if needed after evaporation. Not too much of organic matter and thereby not allowing the stuff to go anoxic is the key. You might still find the system to go to a monoculture, such is life.
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Rene is right in answer to your question Nick but I am commenting more on your description. It is like reading from the notes of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. Nice description, yes... very nice. :D
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