Microscopic photography setup question (basic)

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Microscopic photography setup question (basic)

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Howdy Folks!

I've been away for a while thanks to work & family obligations, but am suspecting I may be encoutering a financial windfall in the coming months. As a teacher with access to student quality scopes & several Moticam 2000 video cameras, I've managed to do a bit of "micro-videography"over the past couple years. ( my online videos - http://www.smtexas.net/faculty/mead/index02.htm) Over Xmas, Santa was generous & gave me an Olympus E500 digital SLR. I am now starting to dream about using it for photomicroscopy. What I am in need of is someone with some patience who would be willing to help figure out what I need to aquire in order to take the scope(s) I use now & fit my new camera to it. I know there will be issues of flash use, etc, but I'd like to get a feel for what I need so that by this summer or fall I will be able to start producing photos that are better than the limited ones I get with the Moticam ( good video/weak pictures)



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First thing we'll need to know is a little about the microscope you intend to use. Does it have a trinocular head, or will you be photographing through an eyepiece tube? If it has a trinocular head, what (if any) optics are in it, or can be fitted in it?

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Great videos! I loved the caddisfly larva - the video really captures it perfectly. Thanks for sharing the movies. :D