How to find subjects

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How to find subjects

Post by prashanteju »

How and where do you find your subject in the field.
I plan to make some images of catrpiller, flowers mostly static subjects as I will be doing it with Pentax645 and a 120mm Macro. What are important points to keep in mind.
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Post by MikeBinOKlahoma » ... oding=UTF8 ... e&n=283155

Both these contain quite a bit of information on stalking and getting close to subjects.

Most of this can be summarized as "know your subjects". A good knowledge of biology gives you the knowledge to know when and where to find the subjects. I've never done it, despite frequent assertions I would make the contact, but I've been told going out in the field with a university (or other professional) entomologist is invaluable experience, even if you only do it a few times.
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