Ruby Beach, Olympic Nat'l Park, WA

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Ruby Beach, Olympic Nat'l Park, WA

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Ruby Beach is one of the Pacific Ocean beaches that are part of Olympic National Park. Located along Route 101 just north of Kalaloch. It features some noteworthy "sea-stacks", and tide pools can be explored with a good low tide. While most people naturally "focus" toward the sea, I also like to photograph the wind-shaped and sometimes surf-battered trees that are at the edge of the rocky beach area.




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Beautiful Charles. These images just make me want to visit the area :D
Sue Alden
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Now thats photography :wink: Beautiful Charlie, what more can one say. I sure do miss the sea. :(
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Wow Charles, stunning images!
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Dang! When can I go? LOL
Mike Broderick
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