Empty Amoeba Test

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Empty Amoeba Test

Post by Frez »

This empty house showed up just as I was getting a new scope up to snuff. Does the Amoeba build this from small pieces of debris? Wish it was that easy for us big creatures. :)

Zeiss Standard 18
40x .75 Neofluar
Sony DKC-CM30 w/.38x Optem c-mount relay

This was an image using the 2.0x setting on the Zeiss Optovar with the same specs used for the Amoeba test. The Optovar was at 1.0x for the Amoeba. Both images were stacked with CombineZ5.


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Post by bernhardinho »

Hi Frez,

just a brief answer to your question: the houses of testacea are basically made of chitinlike proteins. These can be reenforced by pieces of debris and selfproduced particles of silicic acid.


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Post by Ken Ramos »

You know Frez, I keep running across the empty tests too. I would like for at least once in awhile find someone home in them. Wonderful shots you have here. :D
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