Micrasterias thomasiana

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Micrasterias thomasiana

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here some pictures of Micrasterias thomasiana (is that right? Or are they M. denticulata?).

This spring there were lots of them in the Sphagnum moss of my favourite pond...


(Zeiss Planapo 4/0,14)

A view from the side shows that they are not really flat...


(Zeiss Planapo 40/0,95)

And finally this pair just diverging.


(Zeiss Neofluar 25/0,60)

All pictures were taken using asymmetric col lighting with blue backround on slide film, one shot each.



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These are beautiful Jens, especially the last one. :D I need to go and gather some samples, it's been a while. :-k
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Very nice Jens! Beautiful.