New and Current Members, Please Read Before Posting!

A forum for those starting out in microscopy. Post images and ask questions relating to the microscope and get answers from our more advanced users on the subject.

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New and Current Members, Please Read Before Posting!

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Welcome to the Beginners guide to microscopy. After listening to you, our members and after much discussion, we have decided that you the beginner deserve to have your own forum. This forum is for beginners only and we sincerely hope that this forum will be a great help to those of you who are contemplating beginning microscopy or for those of you who are already members but need something less technical, a place to discuss the things that are of question to you personally in the subject of microscopy and to be comfortable in so doing.

Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines for conduct and for the posting of images in this forum. We wish to have a harmonious and professional atmosphere, so that all of our members can enjoy themselves and learn something in the process.

There are however a couple of additions to our guidelines that you the member should take note and be knowledgeable of and these are:

Members of the Beginners guide to microscopy forum will not be eligible for selection in the monthly Administrators Appreciation Gallery Awards. To be eligible, one must show marked improvement in their microscopy skills and be willing to no longer be a participant in the beginners forum to post images but a participant in the regular Photography Through the Microscope Gallery. This decision will be up to you, the member, when you decide that your microscopy skills are adequate.

Posting of images in the Photography Through the Microscope Gallery after becoming a member of the beginners forum is encouraged once you feel that your skills are adequate. If you are not sure, please ask. Remember that once you start posting images in that forum, you will be posting alongside the more advanced users. Please feel free to post comments in the Microscope Gallery as well. The Beginners Guide to Microscopy forum, is all about learning from each other.

All other rules and guidelines that are presently in effect are to be followed and observed in addition to the above requirements for the Beginners guide to microscopy members.

How to join the Beginners guide to microscopy forum? Simply click on "register" at the top of the page and follow the instructions and then begin your posts. If you are already a member and would like to join this forum, simply begin with your posts.

General Discussions Forum and Community Announcements, Community Members and Friends, Macro and Micro Technique and Technical Discussions Forum, Macro and Close up Photography Gallery (if you are so inclined) and all others where posts and comments are allowed, are open to the members of the Beginners guide to microscopy forum and please stay on topic in the above mentioned forums. Thank you and enjoy!

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