Making a Bait

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Making a Bait

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I have a picture and I have a story for it. This is a leaf beetle I don't know its proper english name (Clytra laeviuscula). There is an egg between its hind legs. The beetle just decorates its eggs with this tiny handles, then it drops the egg to the ground. Then the ants drags it to the antnest. The handles fall down later on. The larve live in the antnest and hide back in its sack and eats there. The beetle emerges from the nest in springtime.

I hope you like it.

The picture was combined from 2 shot.
Canon 20D 100mm + 55mm reversed
Péter Ambruzs
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A very nice and detailed image you have posted and a very interesting narrative too! I learn something every now and then around here. Thanks :D
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Fascinating narrative. It is always nice to not only get a good photo, but to get the subject of that photo in the process of doing something unusual

Nice work