Features and benefits of our new home...

Our new home is ready for you. All that is missing is your participation. Go to our new home, register, and "kick the tires".
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Features and benefits of our new home...

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Hi y'all, :D

We truly believe you will like our new home, Photomacrography.net/Amateurmicroscopy.net, better. Here's why...

Enhanced Security...

Our new home will be much more secure against spammers. I have installed several safety modifications to our phpBB software that will lessen the amount of time our administrators will spend policing spammers and increase the amount of time we will be able to spend posting responses to your topics. Heck, we might even have time enough of our own to post a few topics ourselves. :D Also, more secure methods of protecting your personal information have been installed.

Image Hosting...

Image hosting has been much simplified. Images can now be inserted within topic posts and topic replies. No longer will you need to copy and paste URLs in your posts. An upload button within your topic post or topic reply will allow you to upload your image to our servers and will create the link automatically. What could be better :?: We can now offer image hosting to all of our members :!: Those members with their own web sites no longer have to link to images on their web sites. We have enough room for everyone to host images on our servers :!: :D

Member Galleries...

One of the biggest changes to come about is that the Member Galleries have been moved inside our forum. Member Galleries will now only be viewable by registered members of our community. All we ask is that you create a member gallery under your current user id. Any Member Galleries created with user ids not on our current member list will be deleted.

We have tons of room to grow :!: We now have 170x the hosting space and 100x the bandwidth of our old hosting service. We truly feel you will like our new digs :!: :D

Thank you for your continued participation and, as always, our best regards to all :!: :D
Tom Webster

Phoenix "The Valley of the Sun", Arizona, USA

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