Registration...Old members and new members...Please read.

Our new home is ready for you. All that is missing is your participation. Go to our new home, register, and "kick the tires".
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Registration...Old members and new members...Please read.

Post by twebster »

Hi y'all, :D

Although our new home,, has enhanced security features to prevent unwanted spammers from registering in our forums, we can't block them all. Once again we find it necessary to block registrations using email addresses from the free, public email servers such as aol, hotmail, gmail, yahoo, msn, etc.

1) We will allow our old members, who originally signed up with these accounts, to re-register using their free, public email addresses for a period of 45 days. After 09/15/2006 re-registrations with free, public email addresses will be blocked.

2) New members will be allowed to register using free, public email servers during this 45 day period as well. After 09/15/2006 the forums will be locked against the free, public email servers.

We apologize for this inconvenience but unscrupulous porn and drug spammers have forced us to take this action.

You must register with a valid email address. Registration/membership activation can only be finalized by clicking on a membership activation link that will be sent to you in an email. Any registrations not using a valid email address will be deleted.

As a reminder to sign up for our new home, emails will be sent to all members on our member list during this 45 day period. After 45 days, our old home will be locked against further member registrations.

To register for our new home, please, click on this link, Don't forget to bookmark our new home :!: :D

Best regards to all as always, :D
Tom Webster

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Post by Carl_Constantine »

Thanks for allowing the free mailer sites for a short time. I like to keep my work and personal separate. I should really set up an account with my domain ( I guess, but I'm trying to avoid spam like crazy and the way I have it ensures I do.
Carl B. Constantine