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Post by twebster » Tom Webster

For a couple of years now I have been shooting video clips of the organisms I have observed through the microscope. I have modified a Logitech Zoom web camera to capture video clips in either 640 x 480 pixel resolution or 320 x 240 pixel resolution. As much as I enjoy making still images through the microscope, video clips allow me to watch the behavior of the organisms time and time again
Tom Webster

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I'm sorry I've been away so long. I hope you're still interested in this stuff.

The first link is a closeup of an amoeba psuedopod--the large oval object that flows through--is it the nucleus? I was sloppy as usual about making notes, but this resolution and lighting is typical of my 10X objective which translates to a total field on camera long axis of 425 microns--which translates to the equivalent of a 40 X eypiece!! ... ts_di.mpg

This has been identified by a an annelid expert (Mark Wetzel, Uof Illinois) as a fly larva, probably midge and not an annelid as I originally suspected. Signal features of identification are the eyespots and the antennae primordia ("horns"). ... _diS.mpg

Broadband will probably be essential as these are large files. The second link sometimes gets an error message but then will often work if I try again !?

Wow, I'm really having problems with the logistics of this thing. Perhaps if I can get any of this up, you can cut and paste, otherwise, I'll come back again soon...
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